Beast Armor Grilling Gloves

Posted: June 13, 2015
Beast Armor Grilling Gloves
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Iron Man hands become Aramid Fabric hands for grilling season. Beast Armor gloves have recruited this tough, heat-resistant synthetic fabric typically used in aerospace and military applications for your own personal BBQ applications. No one likes burnt fingers and arms any more than they like burnt meat, and the grill gloves guarantee they'll save you at least from the agony of the latter as they allow you to set, grab, flip, and baste amongst temperatures of up to 662 degrees F without incident.

Use Beast Armor in the scorching flames firing in the backyard or the hot box of heat circulating in the oven to protect yourself from fingertip to midway up your forearm. In addition to their Aramid base, the gloves are coated in silicone strips for grip traction and control, and to allow cooks to hold hot items for longer periods of time.

Note: Jazz hands are encouraged, but not required during Beast Armor use.

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