WheelEasy Folding Yard Cart

Posted: May 16, 2018
WheelEasy Folding Yard Cart
$94.99 - $135.99
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Yard work and gardening come with varying degrees of not fun-ness attached, but Allsop Home and Garden hopes to make it all WheelEasy for you. The WheelEasy is a folding yard cart and ground load wheelbarrow.

Rather than a hard plastic center bed the WheelEasy uses canvas fabric to contain its contents. The canvas secures around a pair of handles on the sides and a single, rugged wheel at the end. When you set the handles on the ground, it flattens out to receive whatever clippings, waste, or heavy load you want to rake, sweep, roll, drag, or toss into it. Lift the handles to reform the "walls" and then you're ready to roll.

WheelEasy yard carts come in 2 sizes: the standard has a 350-pound load capacity, while a smaller WheelEasyLE model can tote up to 150 pounds. Use them to collect weeds or help spread bark, or haul off gravel, rocks, and firewood. Their ground level loading capabilities make it much easier to fill the wheelbarrow with heavy items, and since all you must be able to lift is the WheelEasy handles to move them away, you're only lifting a portion of your heavy load back off the ground when you're ready to go.

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