Wheelbarrow Water Bag

Posted: February 22, 2021
Wheelbarrow Water Bag
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Say, this Wheelbarrow Water Bag reminds me how incredibly full my bladder was last Saturday night. My wife and I lost power at our place, so we had to spend 2 nights at our in-laws' house, where I proceeded to drink 5 giant bottles of Asahi*. And then I stepped into the backyard to get some air and...say, this Wheelbarrow Water Bag reminds me of how and where I emptied my incredibly full bladder last Saturday night.

Able to store up to 20 gallons of water, the Wheelbarrow Water Bag is a non-human bladder that nestles into a standard wheelbarrow for easy transport and watering of flower beds, trees, and other landscaping not easily accessible with a hose. The bag has an oversized spout for easy filling at your water source, and emptying at your preferred planting area, plus a tight-fitting cap to seal it up while on the move.

In addition to a swell gift for the garden, the Wheelbarrow Water Bag is also a handy tool for construction areas and on farms where you need to fill up remote water troughs for your animals.

*Inexplicably, this was the only beer my father-in-law had. But while at first I thought it to be a continuation of my curse to stay with him, I soon learned giant bottles of Asahi are delicious! I plan to stock my own fridge with them from now on.

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