Vented Garden Grow Frame Miniature Greenhouse

Posted: March 24, 2023
Vented Garden Grow Frame Miniature Greenhouse
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Give your outdoor plants a better chance of surviving a temperamental spring, or a gardener who doesn't really know what they're doing, with this Vented Garden Grow Frame, a sort of miniature greenhouse for fledgling plants. The 3'3" long x 1'8" wide x 1'2" tall tunnel traps warmth and moisture within its clear plastic walls, while rotating vents on either end ensure the interior doesn't get too hot or saturated.

The Vented Garden Grow Frame has a top handle and weighs just 5 pounds, so it's relatively easy to set up and move around as the seasons and your plants change. The frame supporting the plastic cover is made of black powdered galvanized steel.

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