The Wheelbench

Posted: July 27, 2019
The Wheelbench
$665 - $885
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Rogier Martens designed the Wheelbench to make it easier to haul Grandma and Grandpa from the back porch to the dinner table to the car when it's time to go to Bingo.

OK, well technically Martens just said, "I wanted to create a bench that you can easily move by yourself," but I think we can all see where he was going with the comment. Senile slow-pokes, GG and PawPaw.

Martens also views his wheelbarrow-park bench hybrid as a "live" piece of furniture since changing its location at whim will always bring a different view and perspective of the scenery around you, and create new thoughts or conversation.

The Wheelbench is made in your choice of oak or Accoya wood, both with a finish that makes it soft to the touch. The backrest sits at a slight angle so you can sit on a hardwood bench with slightly more comfort.

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