TerraMec Robotic Mini Bulldozer

Posted: January 15, 2015

Anyone need a 30hp bulldozer with a 6' snow plow, 48" dirt/sand/loam plow, mowing deck, rototiller, york rake, and loader/dumper bucket that you can throw in the back of your truck? If you're still reading...because you haven't run to the bathroom on account of wetting your pants yet...I'll make the deal even sweeter: you can operate it by remote control from your deck. Or out the window of the bathroom as you clean yourself up and change pants. Howe and Howe Technologies has created the TerraMec 1, and what they deem the world's first robotic mini track bulldozer.

Use the TM1 for farming, commercial landscaping, heavy yard work, digging out of the house after a blizzard, and RC-ing up and down the street to show off. In addition to looking badass and requiring 0% manual labor from its operator, the dozer's Mec status is intended to give drivers a better vantage point and increased accuracy during use. It will also save them the bone-jostling, spine-jarring, brain-sloshing impact of a conventional mini tracked loader.

TerraMec 1 accessories are suitable for anything from hauling rocks to winching trees and then dragging them where you want them to fall after chopping. Behold the TM1 video to see the truth in Howe and Howe's words. And if you want to get really giddy, check out the rest of the Maine-based shop's website. Brothers Geoff and Michael Howe have created some truly sick vehicles for the military, civil services, and even Hollywood. Some career highlights: at 31, they are the youngest duo ever to receive a US Military contract, for which they helped develop a weaponized Ripsaw capable of both manned and unmanned operation. In 2010, the Guinness Book of World Records named their Badger creation the World's Smallest Armored Vehicle. My personal favorite, though, is the dudes' Ripchair, a motherfucking offroad wheelchair.

If you're interested in the TerraMec 1, contact Howe and Howe to inquire about pricing and fabrication lead time. Should you not like the numbers you hear in response to your inquiry, well...it looks like the WORX AeroCart is making some more affordable strides towards mini, albeit manpowered, bulldozer-dom. Check out its snow plow attachment here.

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