Squirrel Tree Climber Garden Statue

Posted: November 09, 2017
Squirrel Tree Climber Garden Statue
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Whoa, this Squirrel Tree Climber statue for your garden is so realistic neighbors and passersby are going to take one look and think they're as nuts as the acorns the squirrel has belayed himself up to get. Hand-painted and detailed down to the clipped-on carabiners, the little guy might be a piece of yard art so kooky and tacky that it's endearing. Especially if you're a climber, or live in an area popular with them.

Or if you're Brian Fellow. I bet Brian Fellow would think this squirrel is crazy!

The Squirrel Tree Climber is an accurate and life-size reproduction made of poly-resin. Designed to be mounted to a tree, the sculpture comes with all necessary mounting hardware, along with a 26" climbing rope to further drive the point home.

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