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Posted: October 05, 2016
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Solo Stove's latest release, the Bonfire backyard firepit, is one of the hottest campaigns on Kickstarter right now. At printing it was flaming with over $200,000 in backer pledges, smoking its $15,000 funding goal and igniting some major buzz in the camping community. What's that? I'm fired? That's right I'm fired! Fired up about the Solo Stove Bonfire. Just check it out GIF-cracklin' away here for yourself.

Solo Stove believes their Bonfire firepit "pushes the limits of both combustion airflow efficiency and minimalist outdoor design." Use it simply, safely, and beautifully on camping trips, tailgates, or in a backyard not big enough to take on a permanent pit installation.

The Bonfire cylinder is made of 304 stainless steel, including a fire ring engineered to keep your flames centered and even. The body of the pit has also been specially crafted with precision-cut and -placed air intake holes along the outside bottom and inside to deliver a powerful and complete log burn. This both significantly reduces smoke output during burning, and means you won't have half-consumed wood to dispose of when the party's over.

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