Parallelepipedus Kovrikus Doormat

Posted: February 05, 2013
Parallelepipedus Kovrikus Doormat
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The Greeks--or whatever foreign-tongued group of cats who created this optical illusion doormat--sure don't cut any corners when it comes to making up a fancy way to say "box". But the Parallelepipedus Kovrikus makes up for being nearly impossible to pronounce by being extraordinarily fun to look at. Three-dimensional in appearance, the trippy doormat will greet your visitors with an effect segueing from slightly disconcerting to mildly charming, and prepare them for the next echelon of shenanigans that surely await once they get past the front door.

Parallelepipedus Kovrikus doormats are dressed in natural coconut fibers designed to welcome guests and "unwelcome any street dust." Haha, that last bit has to be the product of a verbatim computer translation.

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