Ninja Garden Gnome

Posted: March 06, 2015
Ninja Garden Gnome
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Gardenzilla taking out all of your lawn ornaments? Sounds like a job for [cue music] Ninja Gnome! The squirrels and my neighbor's cat Willard better watch out too. This assassin may be tiny...and made of, like, resin...but that doesn't make him any less deadly. Well, I mean, I guess technically it does but still. He's wearing all black. He's wielding a samurai sword. And the best: a solar panel embedded in the back of his head makes his eyes glow white at night. This ninja looks threatening to me. Like a garden gnome I wouldn't want to F with.

Firebox's gnomic emblem of the Japanese feudal system is rugged enough to stand up to the elements (rain, snow, bird poo) and tall enough to stand up to 7.9" above the ground.

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