Hummingbird Ring Feeder

Posted: July 20, 2021
Hummingbird Ring Feeder
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Hand-, or rather, finger-feed your garden's most adorable guests with a Hummingbird Ring Feeder. The oversized ring is a scaled-down version of a standard plastic hummingbird feeder, with a bottom reservoir for the sugar water hummingbirds love, and a bright flower-shaped cover to attract them, and a hole punched through the lid's center just big enough for their needle-like bills to poke into to slurp it up.

When you welcome wee hummers (as my mama, who definitely doesn't know all the meanings of that word, likes to call them) with a wee bowl full of sweet nectar resting atop your finger, you'll obviously get as much out of the experience as they will. Close encounters with the fascinating birdies show just how beautiful and, with their lightning-fast flapping wings and hovering abilities, talented they are.

A Hummingbird Ring Feeder would be a great gift for any bird lover, as well as a great gift for kids who love nature, or who you're teaching to appreciate it. The Hummingbird Ring Feeder sellers remind those interested in the rings that while they might attract hummers already in your yard, if you want to attract them in the first place, you'll need to provide the following:

  • Additional nectar-rich food sources, such as flowers that have tubular blooms - bee balm, salvia, petunias, and trumpet vine are some examples.
  • Plain water. Hummingbirds will love drinking the sweetened kind you'll put in your Hummingbird Ring Feeder, but want shallow fresh water sources, such as fountains and bubblers, for bathing and preening.
  • Shelter for perching and resting. Hummingbirds like perches with panoramic views so they can scout for predators and competition. In addition to shrubs, vines, and trees, they'll take a break on clotheslines, arbors, and trellises.
  • Nesting sites, such as trees and shrubs, are important to hummingbirds, and you can help them along by leaving nesting materials nearby, including cotton fibers, moss, and lichen.

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