Garden Tool Handle Knee Pads

Posted: January 26, 2023
Garden Tool Handle Knee Pads
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Knee pads that slip over the handles of your garden tools, now that is a kneet idea! Resourceful too. But...comfortable? I'm not so sure.

The knee pads look kind of small, and like they won't cover enough surface area to keep your full knee area from tilting forward or back and digging into the ground. And speaking of digging. What about the hard wood or steel handle of that shovel you slip the knee pads over? Won't it make its way through the padding and dig into your kneecaps once your body weight has been bearing down on it for a while?

Plus, don't most garden tools go for the elaborate, ergonomic handles these days? The ones with all the padding and curves and loop-dee-loops rather than the straight broomstick sort you'd need to be able to slide on a pair of Garden Tool Handle Knee Pads?

Shrug. Like I said, kneet idea, Garden Tool Handle Knee Pads, but I'm not sure how practical the execution is for 2023.

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