Food Truck Bird Feeder

Posted: November 03, 2018
Food Truck Bird Feeder
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Everything that passes through this food truck's window is cheep, cheep. The Cheep Eats Food Truck Bird Feeder gives all the little tweeties in your garden a roomy place to perch and pick through a sunflower, millet, and cracked corn bowl for lunch. And it gives you a fun and satisfying representation of one of your favorite hobbies to share with the birdies. And it gives all the squirrels in the neighborhood full and open access to a huge vat of birdseed, which they will invariably steal in 5 minutes or less every time you refill it. Even if you run outside shooting your BB gun to scare them away like my mama does.

Seriously. It's almost like Fred & Friend designed this food truck bird feeder for thieving squirrels rather than sweet robins and warblers.

I guess if you're really into food trucks, you could just get the feeder and hang it empty from a tree to have something out there that makes you smile to look at. It's made of ceramic with a steel tray.

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