Clove Urban Balance Chair

Posted: April 15, 2016
Balance Curve Swing Chair
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April 15. Yes, it's tax day. But it's also a nice day to reflect on the best news ever: warm weather's a-comin'! And this year, I'm using my 2015 refund to deck out my deck for summer. New grill, new umbrella, a coupla Clove urban balance chairs. Or at least that's what I would use it for if my 2015 refund was enough to buy any of those things. As it stands, I think I can get, like, half a chair.

The Clove engulfs its weary / lazy / drunk passengers in a curvy woven nest of synthetic wicker and rattan, and then rocks them gently to and fro' from a sturdy metal stand and heavy duty spring attachment. The cozy cushion is bright, warm orange like the sun to bring the weary comfort, the lazy energy, and the drunk a color that probably hides vomit stains pretty well. I mean, compared to white or yellow, anyway.

The Clove chairs swingin' seat dimensions are 34" wide x 29" deep x 52" tall; stand size is 39" x 39" x 77". Maximum load-bearing capacity is 250 pounds.

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