Cat Eating the Garden Gnomes Statue

Posted: April 21, 2018
Cat Eating the Garden Gnomes Statue
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Kitteh haz brought you garden introoders! Can't get too mad at the cat. He was just trying to protect your property from infiltrating garden gnome pests! At least they're not bloody like the mouse he brought you last week. And the sparrow from the week before.

Another fun and extra tacky take on garden gnomes, this "Mischievous Cat" statue molds and hand paints 9-1/2" of resin into an adorable kitty who's captured 4 little bearded ones. No more hiding in the perennials and plotting to seize the garden for these wily beasts!

I myself prefer the Gardenzilla method of gnome abatement, but if you need a gift for the pet lovers out there, the cat eating the garden gnomes statue should bring a smile - or look of horror - to any recipient's face.

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