Bug Zapper Electric Insect Killer

Posted: June 22, 2017
Electric Bug Zapper

X-CHENG has upgraded the classic UV bug zapper's aesthetic for the 21st century. And also your next EDM party with a live bzzz! spinning bzzz! DJ. Bzzz! Bzzz! The sound effects of frying mosquitos will even complement his set.

Looking like a cross between a stylin' speaker and a Stargate, this plug-in insect killer "utilizes rays of a particular frequency given off by tubes to attract pests, which will be electrocuted on the high-voltage grid inside." In other words, it draws 'em in with pretty lights, and knocks 'em dead with electricity.

X-CHENG says their bug zapper outputs a gentle light and minimal sound that won't disturb sleepers. The sound of snap, crackle, popping 'squitos, though, might be a different story.

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