Bad Idea Pyro Cage Incinerator

Posted: May 12, 2019
Bad Idea Pyro Cage Incinerator
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Now here's a Bad Idea: a 48" American steel Pyro Cage incinerator to use in place of your 55-gallon drum for burning yard debris, cardboard, and bad juju. The Pyro Cage has a panel construction with a tab-and-slot design for tool- and hardware-free assembly. Panels are lined with angled slot cutouts to improve cage rigidity and airflow for hotter flames and more thorough burns.

At 11.76 cubic feet, the 48" Pyro Cage Incinerator gives you close to 50% more volume than a 55-gallon drum, and its heavier gauge steel resists heat warping during heavy use. When the flames subside and the steel cools, you can break down the cage and store it flat - each panel weighs about 20 pounds, and the setup has integrated handles for transport. The Pyro Cage also comes with a lid to contain embers and ash during burns.

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