8-1/2-Foot-Tall Garden Gnome Statue

Posted: June 17, 2017
8-1/2-Foot-Tall Garden Gnome Statue
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It's gonna be tough to schlep this garden gnome around the world with you for photo ops, but I'll bet if you do the 8-1/2-foot lawn ornament will help your Instagram account go viral. Who wouldn't want to follow Gottfried the Giant's Bigger Brother from the jungles of Brazil to the slopes of Mount Maemori? Even at his oversized-luggage proportions the adorable little big guy would make a grand traveling companion, and probably fit in even better than you do at stops like the Montana Magica Lodge in Patagonia and the Treehotels in Sweden.

In addition to his imposing height, the giant garden gnome statue sports a portly, 41-inch-deep belly and measures 43 inches across. He is hand-cast in crushed stone bonded with designer resin. He wear the trademark traveling gnome red hat, and is holding what appears to be a proportionately giant pet bird.

Love the kitschiness of garden statues but hate jerkface punk gnomes? Then check out Gardenzilla.

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