Floating Unicorn Drink Holders

Posted: March 24, 2018
Floating Unicorn Drink Holders
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These aren't just Floating Unicorn Drink Holders, they're EXTRA-LARGE Floating Unicorn Drink Holders! A whole 1-1/2 feet long when inflated, so Pegasus and his twin Swift Wind, will cradle your red cups of margarita and summer shandy nice 'n' secure in their koozie saddles.

Sold as a set, the horned (corned?) drink floats are suitable for use in pools, oceans, lakes, and hot tubs. Their flat bottoms are extra buoyant so the unicorns should hold almost any size beverage without tipping over. It's highly possible they'll fly away though.

If you want to make the unicorn water fantasy even grander - or just need more room for food and drinks - pair the Pegasus floats with one of these Inflatable Rainbow Cloud floating food and drink bars.

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