Cuisinart Chimenea Propane Fire Pit

Posted: June 05, 2022
Cuisinart Chimenea Propane Fire Pit
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While Cuisinart did a pretty good job of naming themselves a clever portmanteau word from the words "cuisine" and "art," they didn't do so great in naming their Chimenea Propane Fire Pit. First of all, to my knowledge, the word is spelled "chiminea," in line with "Chim-chim-iny, chim-chim-iny, chim-chim cher-ee," and Mary Poppins-approved. Also, it's CuisINart, so, following logic, it should be ChimINea.

And even if chimenea with an "e" is a real and acceptable alternative spelling of the word, do we really need to be finding more ways to insert men into society, Cuisinart? Hmmm? Why not, in that case, chiwomenea? Because women are meant to be food processors and slow cookers and toaster ovens in the kitchen, while men get to output 40,000 BTUs of heat from 8 pounds of lava rock to warm families and their guests in the backyard? Is that it?

Psshh, I think a certain home appliance brand needs some diversity and inclusion training.

The Cuisinart ChiMENea Propane Fire Pit uses a 20-pound propane tank, hidden behind the door of a cubby in back, to provide 9 to 15 hours of both ambience and heat. The fire pit has a directional heat shield that forces air outward to up the surrounding temps on cool nights. Heat output is adjustable, and the unit has a safety switch that automatically shuts off the Chimenea if it tips over.

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