The Cave Inflatable Tent

Posted: December 24, 2014
The Cave Inflatable Tent
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I used to climb on a structure shaped like HEIMPLANET's Cave on the playground when I was kid. The Dome of Death me and Cornelius and Victor called it, on account of our attempts to knock off anyone who tried to use it once we claimed it as our own. So obviously this tent brings back pleasant childhood memories. It also brings back low-maintenance camping. Despite its 54 square foot surface area and 40" interior height, The Cave weighs just 11-1/2 pounds and packs down into a 20" x 12" 8" rectangular sack when not in use.

HEIMPLANET has also designed their geometric tent to require no assembly. Like the best pool toys and most tolerable girls at dinner, The Cave's inner tent, fly sheet, and frame are all blow-up. So all you need do is unpack it, unroll it, and inflate it with the included One Pump System. The tent features double layer air struts, five closable ventilation openings on the fly sheet, and a vestibule at the entrance. Pegs, a repair kit, guy lines, a pack sack, and a pump adapter are all also included in the set.

The Cave is made from extra stiff polyester, designed to resist water and tears.

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