Family Bug Out Bag

Posted: December 07, 2013
Family Bug Out Bag
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If my family were to bug out, probably the first thing we'd do is tear apart this bag of supplies in search of the Xanax and Scotch it does not contain to help calm ourselves down. Luckily, in the event that one of us got lost, injured, or parched in the process, OuttaGEAR's Family Bug Out Bag & Survival Kit does have signal mirrors and whistles, first aid kits and med packs, and Nalgenes and pump filters to mend our meltdown's secondary effects. The 7,300 cubic inch, 17-12" x 16-1/2" Sugpak duffel bag brims with enough fire, first aid, food and food preparation, hygiene, lighting, navigation, warmth, tool, and hydration supplements for a family of 4 to emerge from the wrong end of a disaster safe and intact.

Supplies include:

  • APPAREL: (4) Bandanas; (4) Vinyl Ponchos; Leather Gloves.
  • COMMUNICATION: Eton FR160 Emergency Radio; Signal Mirror; (4)Whistles.
  • DEFENSE: Pepper spray.
  • FIRE: Sparkie one-handed fire starter; Wind & waterproof matches; wet fire tinder; lighter.
  • FIRST AID: First Aid Kit; (4) N95 Masks; (4) pairs of hand warmers; med pack; insect repellent.
  • FOOD: stove and fuel; (4) sporks; GSI Microdualist cook set; Wise Freeze Dried Meals (48 servings in 24 bags); (12) Clif Bars; P51 can opener.
  • HYGIENE: (3) rolls toilet paper, (4) toiletry kits; (4) hand sanitizer ; (40) Purell wipes; (2) Dr. Bronner bars of soap.
  • LIGHTING: (4) Petzl Tikkina-2 headlamps; (2) light sticks; UCO Clarus flashlight/lantern.
  • MISCELLANEOUS: deck of cards; SAS Survival Manual; (4) waterproof notebooks & pencils.
  • NAVIGATION: compass with lanyard.
  • WARMTH: (4) SOL emergency Bivvys.
  • TOOLS: Gerber Bear Grylls knife with sheath; Gerber Suspension multi-tool & folding shovel; 50' paracord; Gorilla Glue Duct Tape; Fiskars axe; sewing & fishing kit.
  • HYDRATION: (4)Nalgene; (4) Platypus water bottles (32oz); MSR Miniworks EX Pump Filter.

For those not requiring the minivan-sized family version of OuttaGEAR's Bug Out Bag, check out these smaller, less expensive, and variably geared options as well:

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