CanCooker Bone Collector Cream Can Steam Oven

Posted: May 24, 2020
CanCooker Bone Collector Cream Can Steam Oven
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One thing my mama always used to say to me as a kid was, "Eat what you can and can what you can't." But now that I'm a grown ass man, not being able to eat everything on my plate - or everything in sight - isn't a problem. So today it's more like, "Eat what you CanCooker and...tell everyone else they CanCooker their own shrimp boil for 20 in a cream can steam oven."

This feast is mine.

Based on the cattle driver tradition of cooking up grub in a cream can, Seth McGinn's CanCooker - Bone Collector Edition! - uses the steam created from a shallow layer of water on the bottom of the can to create a natural convection that cooks the piled-high ingredients inside.

Fill the bottom of the anodized aluminum CanCooker with 12 ounces of water, and then stack your food inside, vegetables on the bottom, meat and seafood on top. Set the can on any heat source* and fire up a medium-low to low heat. Once the water boils, a heat-resistant silicone gasket at the top of the CanCooker will trap the steam it releases, facilitating the circulating convection process that will cook your food through.

In addition to being a reliable and kinda fun way to cook for a crowd, CanCooker says its steam oven design also prevents food from drying out or sticking to the sides of your cooker.

CanCooker safety features include a vented lid to preclude excessive steam pressure buildup, plus safety clamps to hold the lid in place. Riveted heavy-duty handles make it easier to move a full 4-gallon CanCooker load from the burner to the table.

*Except for turkey burners. Those mother cluckers will void your CanCooker warranty.

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