Big Joe Pool Petz

Posted: April 20, 2022
Big Joe Pool Petz
$39 - $47.90
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Beans, beans the magical boat / The more you fill the more Pool Petz float. Pool Petz from Big Joe are part water toy, part raft, and all instant ride-aboard, splash-around fun since you never have to inflate them to make them float. Pool Petz, like all Big Joe products, bounce and drift atop the water's surface thanks to a fill of buoyant beans, rather than the fruits of your lung power.

Good news for anyone anxious to get the party started ASAP, not to mention those of us with post-COVID lungs who would rather melt in the sun than blow up a pool float.

Pool Petz come in hippo, alligator, and frog likenesses, each lightweight, easy-draining, and fast-drying.

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