Planet Earth Globe Fire Pit

Posted: February 25, 2012
Planet Earth Globe Fire Pit
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Ahhh, a globe-shaped fire pit whose flaming cutouts are our planet Earth's continents. Just like my grandma always said: the next time the world goes down, it's going down in flames. This sinister piece of social commentary really is perfect for a little apocalypse theme party before the Mayan calendar, the zombies, or the hand of the Lord gets to us all.

The dome of doom was hand cut and crafted from 1/4" carbon steel by artist Rick Wittrig, who has personally numbered and signed each piece. Finished with an iron oxide patina, the pit's coloring will darken over time, but its structural design has equipped it to withstand years and years of heavy use. Too bad we'll only need it to last another couple of months.... Earth's interior core is coated with a flame-resistant paint, and the bottom of the basin has a 1 1/2" rain drain. Measurements are approximately 42" high, and 36" in diameter, though there are some slight variations since each fire pit is forged by the imperfect, wretched, fated being that is 21st Century Man.

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