Jumbo x The Standard Pasta Pool Noodles

Posted: March 29, 2023
Jumbo x The Standard Pasta Pool Floats
$70 - $175
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When you use your noodle, or better, put your noodles together, all things are pasta-ble. Jumbo and The Standard teamed up for this chef's kiss series of pasta pool floats, inflatables in the shapes of ravioli, rigatoni, lasagna, macaroni, and tortellini.

Each pasta noodle mimics both its namesake shape, and a common pool float shape, though The Standard admits their interpretation of the former has been "Emoji-fied" (i.e., it's maybe not entirely recognizable if you don't already know what it is.) Perhaps even better than the Pasta Pool Noodle designs themselves is their packaging. Each float's box looks like an actual pasta box, with an image of the noodles they represent on the front, and an image of what's inside on the back. And on the side: some "nutrition facts" delineating how many grams of mischief, chill, nostalgia, regret, and total fun you'll consume while using the starchy inflatables.

Buono floato!

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