Big Joe Meash Captain's Chair Float

Posted: August 11, 2020
Big Joe Meash Captain's Chair Float
$69 - $74
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Meash* your lounging time on land with your floating time in the water. The Big Joe Meash Captain's Chair Float will keep you chillaxed in the pool and on the patio alike. Though with more emphasis on the chill during those dwindling hot summer days that the pool deck makes you feel like a pig in a roaster.

Meash Captain's Chair Floats are sewn with a quick-draining mesh bottom and quick-drying outer shell to make them water-friendly, and stuffed with Big Joe's trademark beans, here of the lightweight, buoyant variety. A pocket on the side of the chair serves as your cup holder.

*Yeah, it's "mesh." But the typo in the float's Amazon listing title made my heart happy.

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