Tiny Home Frame Kits

Posted: June 03, 2023
Tiny Home Frame Kits
$9,997 - $65,875
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"Frame" is the word to note in these Tiny Home Frame Kits made by PLUS 1. Buy one from Home Depot, and you won't receive a complete tiny home in a box, which is what I would want. And if they could somehow make it a pop-up that automatically assembles when you open the lid, like the greeting cards, that would be even better. PLUS 1 kits consist only of the steel stud framing, plus some calcs, plans, hardware, and instructions, you'll need to build one of their two dozen wee abodes. The rest of it - the doors and windows, the siding, the plumbing and electrical components - is sold separately.

Fortunately, PLUS 1 notes, it's all sold separately through Home Depot, the same preferred provider of the Tiny Home Frame Kits themselves, so it's at least one-stop shopping for lucky you. And even more revenue for lucky Home Depot!

PLUS 1 Frame Kits range in size from around 100 to over 1400 square feet, the latter with up to 3 bedrooms, and probably designed to be standard rather than tiny homes. Styles are aplenty too. Above is the Getaway Pad, a 540-square-foot build with a spiral staircase leading up to a bangin' rooftop patio.

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