The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar

Posted: September 18, 2016
The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar

Well, The Rock restaurant proves Zanzibar has at least one thing going for it besides its say-a-licious name. Zanzibar, Zanzibar. Have a Zanzibari dinner in Zanzibar. I think I'll rename my girlfriend's cat Zanzibar. It's not like he responds to Shadow, or anything else I say, anyway. To recap: The Rock is a dining establishment built on a rock. It sits in the middle of the Indian Ocean, just off Michanwi Pingwe beach, on the Tanzanian archipelago of Zaaaanzibarrrr!

The Rock used to be a fisherman's post, but a group of restauranteurs converted it to one of the coolest places to grub ever in July 2010. During low tide, you can walk along the beach and ascend the staircase to the restaurant's stunning outdoor lounge with a panoramic ocean view, and simple, 12-table interior dining area. At high tide, they'll tool you out by boat.

Not surprisingly, seafood dominates The Rock's menu, but you'll also find some local Swahili dishes and influences on the list.

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