La Casa Sin Nombre

Posted: October 10, 2011
La Casa Sin Nombre
$59 million
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Florida's Latin population tallies over 18%, and people who know stuff about populations speculate that by 2035, the state will have a Hispanic majority.

Given this data, you'd think that if the octogenarian oil baron who probably owns Palm Beach's La Casa Sin Nombre was so intent on its having some Spanish linguistic flair, he could have found a native speaker to do an accurate translation. That's not to say the property doesn't include a gallant, Mediterranean Revival-style Addison Mizner estate drawling over four acres of castle-quality grounds that shall, presumably, remain nameless. Just that a second 12,000 square-foot residence, plus three more not-so-shabby guest homes have also popped a squat on the oceanfront lot. So, to whomever coined the Casa Sin Nombre moniker, try again, mathhole, because that's five casas without names going to the first senor or senorita to produce 59 one million dollar bills.

But let's not dwell on the aura of idiocy (or that creepy, Costco-sized marble compass that looks like it's one abracadabra away from summonsing the Black Pearl) surrounding the lavish chunk of land. After all, this surprise news of quintuplets in the terrestrial oven means we can score not just one, but _five_ super sweet houses for the price of... approximately 120 super sweet houses.

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