Iglucraft Handcrafted Saunas & Cabins

Posted: April 11, 2019
Iglucraft Handcrafted Saunas & Cabins
$11k - $50k
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I actually can't say this too often but yeah, I'm the Dude. And yeah, Iglucraft, I want that. Iglucraft handcrafted saunas and cabins are 1-person to family-sized outdoor retreats. The former is of a hot spa-like persuasion to soothe the body, and the latter a weekend - or backyard - getaway to ease the mind.

Iglucraft builds Igluhuts and Iglusaunas to suit various buyer needs and preferences, but all of them share their charming shingle siding and quaint domed shape. For the Iglusauna, the curved design is also functional, allowing steam to travel upward from the central heater, and then drift back down along the side walls once it hits the ceiling, to fill the entire space quickly.

Igluhuts come in 5 models of increasing size, culminating in the Family Pod, with 212 square feet of floor space, and dimensions of 30' long x 7.5' wide x 8.2' tall. It has a bathroom with hot and cold water, 220V electrical system with multiple hookup points, a fully functional kitchen, and a pair of double beds.

Iglusaunas come in Single, Double, and Triple sizes, accommodating 4 to 6 people. The Double and Triple have changing rooms, and the Triple adds a washroom.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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