Skin-On Interfaces - Realistic Skin for Your Devices

Posted: October 22, 2019
Skin-On Interfaces - Realistic Skin for Your Devices

With his Skin-On Interfaces project, HCI researcher and interaction designer Marc Teyssier is trying to improve humans' experience interacting with our devices. He points out that we use skin as an "interface" when we interact with other people - I guess meaning we use our sense of touch and things like hand shakes, hugs, kisses, and the bump 'n' grind - but when we do the same with "objects of mediated communication," such as smartphones and computers, we must deal with their "cold interface that doesn't allow natural interaction and input."

So, nope. Skin-On Interfaces is not a joke like the Harambed, or even a novelty like the Pop It Pal, it's a legit attempt at solving a legit problem Teyssier sees as a side effect of the advent of technology and the time we spend with our devices.

In action, Skin-On Interfaces (still just prototypes and tests) acts as "sensitive skin-like input methods than can be added to existing devices to increase their capabilities." Teyssier has attempted to reproduce your epidermis' visual, tactile, and kinetic traits in his smartphone and trackpad covers. I can't speak to all three, but if his tactile and kinetic results have been as successful as his visual attempts, I'd say Teyssier has a human skin hat trick on his hands. Literally.

What do you think? Skin-On Interfaces: cool concept, or things that make you go ewww?

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