Nooklet Outlet Safety Plug for Babies & Toddlers

Posted: March 01, 2020
Nooklet Outlet Safety Plug for Babies & Toddlers
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Kill two birds - and save a baby - with one stone with the Nooklet Outlet. It's a safety plug for home electrical outlets that will both childproof the outgoing plug from Bzzzt!ing your curious kiddo, and provide an incoming plug to use when they want to get their binky on.

Plus! Nooklet doesn't just eliminate the possibility of electrocution by blocking an outlet's electrical current, it also repurposes a tiny bit of that current into a calming pulse that will further soothe your suckling tot into a state of baby bliss. It's even better than a Honda Sound Sitter. And don't worry, according to Nooklet's makers, the super-efficient circuitry inside the pacifier plug will cost you less than $0.20 per year to operate.

Responsible parents know nothing protects a little nugget movin' like a rocket like a little Nooklet in the socket.

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