Deepspot - World's Deepest Swimming Pool

Posted: June 30, 2019
Deepspot - World's Deepest Swimming Pool

"Dude, do you go, like, deep?" "Yeah, dude, I just went SCUBA diving in Belize's Great Blue Hole, I think we dropped to over 400 feet -" "No dude, I mean do you go swimming pool deep? Deepspot deep?" "Uhhhh...."

In all fairness to the "dudes" no one has gone Deepspot deep yet. At 45 meters, or 148' deep, the world's deepest swimming pool is scheduled to open just outside Warsaw, Poland in Fall 2019. It will contain 8,000 cubic meters of water, or 27 times more than the average 25m pool. All chlorinated and ready to receive training divers and young children who who realize after getting in they really gotta take a pee.

While designed with SCUBA hobbyists and athletes in mind, the Deepspot pool also has areas and attractions for kids and beginners, including an underwater tunnel for spectators, and an adjacent hotel with a view of all the Deepspot action.

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