Winbag Air Wedge Alignment Tool

Posted: October 26, 2015
Winbag Air Wedge Alignment Tool
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The Winbag is an inflatable cushion and alignment tool designed to replace shims and wedges. Suitable for both home and professional use, the place-and-pump pillow assists with leveling and installing windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, and appliances without leaving scuffs or marks during insertion or removal. Winbags are also helpful aids in leveling furniture, and can sub in for a door stopper during moving. They are particularly handy to handymen working alone, as a single professional installer can typically position, adjust, align, level, and hold work materials in place with one or two Winbags, rather than calling on an extra pair of human hands.

Aaand, while not specifically advertised as such, many Amazon reviewers report the successful use of a Winbag as a wedge for getting into locked cars. Their own cars, or those of people who have explicitly requested the forced entry only, of course.

The Winbag is made of a durable, fiber-reinforced material and should stand up to repeated use. Each bag has a 220 pound load-lifting / bearing capacity, supported by its powerful hand pump. It can span gaps from 3/32" to 2", and deflates with the press of a button.

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