WETNFIX Wall Plug Securers

Posted: March 02, 2017
WETNFIX Wall Plug Securers

WETNFIX gets it: sometimes you just need a little boost, get a little bigger to keep it from falling out of, or getting swallowed inside, the hole. Because the hole itself, that's already there. And whether it's just slightly larger than your anchor can handle, or gaping wide every which way from years of stress and wear, the hole is not changing. WETNFIX changes the anchor, or other types of fittings, adding size and adhesive properties so you can install them without fail or wobble into drywall, worn and crumbling walls, or walls that were perfectly fine until you went and drilled a hole too big in them.

WETNFIX comes as a pack (20 listed here) of water-activated coated discs. Once wet, you place the end of your anchor, dowel, etc. into the center of the disc and press it up the sides--it will stick. Repeat the process with additional discs until you achieve your desired girth, and then twist the wrapped piece into your wall, finishing with a gentle hammer tap to get it flush. Wait 3 minutes for the wet discs to expand and set. Enjoy your newly secure mounting hardware.

WETNFIX is compatible with most materials, including masonry, wood, and ceramics in addition to drywall.

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