The Man Tag

Posted: November 04, 2014
The Man Tag
$195 - $215
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If Bruce Boone's Man Ring is too much Guido for your finger, have a look at his latest creation: the Man Tag. Incorporating all of its predecessor's multi-tool implements, plus a few more for acts of self-defense, the Man Tag fits neatly in a pocket or, like a dog tag, hangs around the neck on a chain or paracord.

Man Tags are made of lightweight aerospace grade titanium and stainless steel, and feature a pair of (seemingly) decorative fingerprints on their front and back sides. Fingerprints designate a sliding switch that activates the tool's quick release and deployment of a hidden stiletto blade in a single, smooth swipe.

Additional Man Tag components include a bottle opener, standard knife blade for cutting, flathead screwdriver, saw, lure adjustment tool, comb, and can opener. Dimensions are 2-1/4" long x 1-3/8"wide x 3/16" thick; weight is 33 grams. Boone sells Man Tags solo or with a paracord neck chain for an additional $20.

The Man Tag is a top Dude Gift for a Man pick.

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