The Door Balancer - Keeps Out-of-Plumb Doors Open

Posted: September 15, 2022
The Door Balancer - Keeps Out-of-Plumb Doors Open
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The Door Balancer is a small torsion spring that slips into a door hinge pin to keep out-of-plumb doors open. It eliminates the need for door props, door stops, door wedges, and Hodor.

While obviously a specialty tool not everyone will need, The Door Balancer could be a great asset to office buildings, hospitals, hotels, and churches with irritating doors that constantly loll closed, and where you might not want to install a stopper people could kick over or trip on. Unlike traditional door-holder-openers, the Door Balancer also allows you to close latching doors without removing it - though if you don't latch them, the door will slowly swing back open. That last bit is actually a positive for people who want to use the Door Balance in their homes for pets who tend to shut themselves in rooms with doors that won't stay open, or that are light enough for them to push shut on their own.

The Door Balancer takes less than 2 minutes to install, and says it will keep its tension for 1,000+ closings. Typically, just one of the simple metal devices will be required per door, but for especially janky plumbs, you might need two.

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