Smoke Pen for Home Maintenance

Posted: May 22, 2020
Smoke Pen for Home Maintenance
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Where there's smoke there's usually fire, and where there's smoke and a pen, there's usually a vaporizer, but in this case, there's a Regin S220 Smoke Pen. The Smoke Pen is a home maintenance tool for smokers and non-smokers alike to use in detecting air leaks, verifying ventilation systems, determining negative or positive air pressure, and ensuring they don't find themselves amidst the type of smoke that does indicate a fire.

Like the CRC Smoke Test, you can wave a lit Smoke Pen under your smoke detectors to test that they're functioning properly. It's more versatile than the CRC aerosol can though, since the small and handy Smoke Pen is can also help with tests related to airflow and ventilation in your home. Dog whisperers and police officers might find it useful in K9 scent detection training too.

Emitting a dense, white, non-toxic stream of smoke, Regin says the Smoke Pen reacts readily to small drafts and light air movement, plus has good hang time so you can see airflow patterns over longer distances. Smoke Pens are fitted with replaceable wicks, which light with a cigarette lighter or match, and burn for about 30 minutes each. You can stop and start the same wick multiple times; just cap the pen to put a lit wick out.

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