Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set

Posted: April 16, 2018
Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set
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ThinkGeek calls their Thor Hammer Tool Set a "ThinkGeek creation & exclusive," but I seem to remember someone named Dave having the Geeky Idea for a THOR Hammer Tool Kit back in 2016. Still, ThinkGeek's version has been around for a while too, but it sold out almost immediately after debuting last year, and it's only now (and for now) that they have it back in stock.

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of...Tim the Tool Man Taylor. Or Bob Vila. The Tool Set obviously arrives housed in a case molded to look like Mjolnir, but in this iteration of Thor's Hammer, pounding down Loki will come in the form of using the 44-piece tool set inside to, uh, remodel and flip a house faster than your nemesis in the 2.0, Marvel version of Property Brothers.

Thor Hammer Tool Set highlights include - guess what! - a hammer, tape measure, level, screwdriver, wrench, ratcheting wrench, and utility knife. A swell gift for a geek and, if you've got a geeky dad, an even better Father's Day gift for him.

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