Leatherman Mut Multitool

Posted: September 07, 2013
Leatherman Mut Multitool
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I was just sitting here picking my nose and it dawned on me: human hands are the original multi-tool. Then I started thinking about all of the varied tasks they can perform in their host of contortions, nose picking being just one of hundreds. Thousands if you count all of the things I've seen while using my browser's Incognito window to surf the Internet. But for the myriad things our hands can do (e.g., screw in a lightbulb) there are just as many they cannot (e.g., screw in a screw). And that's why the free market has 7,867 multi-tools like the Leatherman Mut available to assist us.

The Mut has been crafted to military specs and comes with a MOLLE sheath. The stainless steel device's "Papa" tool is a pair of stainless steel pliers whose mid-section unfolds to reveal 17 additional implements, including multiple sizes of Phillips screwdrivers, Torx #15 and Hex 7/64" screwdrivers, needlnose pliers, 154CM replaceable wire cutters and hard-wire cutters, an electrical crimper, a 420HC combo knife, a saw, and a hammer. The multi-tool is operable one-handed.

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