Kibosh Emergency Pipe Repair Tool

Posted: August 21, 2023
Kibosh Emergency Pipe Repair Tool
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Leaks are never, ever a good thing. Well, unless they're coming out of your pee hole and entering into an appropriate receptacle, bringing you great relief. But otherwise, nyet. Leaking roofs, Leaking oil pans, leaking food containers, and, as we will speak more of here, leaking pipes, are all unwanted tribulations of life. Sometimes they even lead to disasters. The Kibosh Emergency Pipe Repair Tool seeks to prevent at least one of those types of disasters by providing an instant and easy means of sealing torn, leaking pipes.

Made by Rothenberger, the Kibosh is intended to serve as a temporary repair to minimize water damage until you can get a plumber out, or gather up your own materials, to do a permanent pipe repair. The tool is ideal for use when your pipes undergo frost damage, or experience accidental perforation, and no additional tools are required to install it. Just squeeze the cantilevered sides shut to create a seal that can withstand up to 87psi.

The Kibosh can accommodate split pipes and most fittings, and is reusable. This listing is for a Kibosh sized for 3/4" pipes. Rothenberger also makes an Emergency Pipe Repair Tool for 1/2" pipes.

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