iFu Mini Electric Screwdriver

Posted: November 04, 2022
iFu Mini Electric Screwdriver
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iFu calls the design of their Mini Electric Screwdriver "exquisite," and while I think that word should be reserved for old wines and revenge tactics, I will concede the aluminum alloy metal shell, one-piece molding, and ballpoint pen size of the tool make it quite handsome. Hope it's not just another pretty face.

The iFu Mini Electric Screwdriver comes with 64 precision bits, including those made for opening smartphones, laptops, cameras, watches, computers, keyboards, RC toys, and drones. Those doing DIY glasses repairs are in luck too, both in the sense that the screwdriver has the bits and delicate leverage you'll need to deal with tiny glasses screws, and a trio of LED lights to illuminate the area, which you'll obviously need even more since you won't be wearing your glasses.

Fully charged in about an hour, the electric screwdriver can insert and remove over 400 mini screws per charge, so with iFu, you can definitely screw with confidence.

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