FiberFix "Steel" Tape

Posted: August 24, 2016
FiberFix "Steel" Tape
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FiberFix isn't made out of steel, but with a claimed 100 times the holding power of duct tape, this wraparound adhesive is just about as strong. Post-application, it hardens like steel too. In about 10 minutes. You need to wear protective gloves while handling it. Like Gorilla Epoxy, FiberFix does not F around.

FiberFix is intended for use on broken, cracked, or leaky objects it can fully surround (i.e., the roll version isn't so great for slapping on a flat surface). The company says it can permanently fix plumbing pipes, exhaust pipes, tools, frames, hoses, fishing poles, tent poles, ski poles, sprinkler lines, gutters, table legs, bats, paddles, hockey sticks...yeah. A crap ton of busted crap that you might otherwise have to spend a crap ton of money replacing.

FiberFix tape rolls come in 1", 2", and 4" thicknesses. Note that each repair wrap can be used only once--on a single item, or maybe 2 small items if you cut it quick--because it starts to harden as soon as it's exposed to air. The FiberFix listing here includes 3 rolls, one of each thickness.

Another Shark Tank conqueror, Lori Greiner bit on and snatched up FiberFix when creators Spencer Quinn and Eric Child pitched it in 2013. Now the company runs a successful line that includes the adhesive rolls, plus repair patches, wraps, and pens.

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