Fanttik Mini Electric Screwdriver Set

Posted: July 06, 2022
Fanttik Mini Electric Screwdriver Set
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I'd screw that. I mean, with that, I'd screw with that. The Fanttik Mini Electric Screwdriver Set is a rechargeable pen-sized screwdriver that can screw electrically with a high and low torque of 0.2/0.05N.m, or screw manually at 3N.m. Fully charged, it can do its electric screwing nonstop for 2 hours, which is much longer than most of us, both manually and with the assistance of an electrical device.

Fanttik includes 24 magnetic bits with the Screwdriver Set, meaning both you'll be able to find one in the set to do repair work on tablets, cell phones, watches, cameras, and more, and that if you open the bit case upside down in haste, the bits won't all dump out everywhere.

But is the Fanttik Mini Electric Screwdriver Set all it hypes itself up to be? Guess you'll have to screw around and find out.

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