Door-Ease Lube Stick

Posted: August 18, 2017
Door Ease Lube Stick
  • Door Ease Lube Stick
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I haven't tried this Door-Ease Lube Stick yet - and I understand it's been around for years - but it caught my eye because my condo has those space-saving (i.e., cheap-ass) bi-fold doors installed on all the closets. And if a day goes by that I don't have to wrestle with a sticking roller wheel at the top of one of those damn doors, then...I'm probably high and there's still plenty of hours left in the day to throw down after all.

Door-Ease looks a lot like a crayon, and that's pretty much how you use it. On sticking or squeaking doors, yes, but also on drawers, windows, curtain rods, latches, zippers, sunroofs, seat tracks, screws and nails, and power and handsaw blades. It's the most versatile crayon in the land.

Unlike greases and oils, the Door-Ease Lube Stick colors on mess-free to prevent wear. It's also weatherproof. The compound is safe for use on metal, wood, glass, plastic, and rubber.

Hey Beavis, when you see the word "Door-Ease" paired with "Lube Stick" do you think about adding a "Back" to the beginning and reselling it as a different sort of household tool too? Hehheh, hehheh.

Muchas danke to Cool Tools.

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