DOER Compact Tool Shed

Posted: November 05, 2019
DOER Compact Tool Shed
$499 - $699
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Are you a dreamer or a DOER? Monkey see monkey DOER. Just DOER it. Hey, this day is shaping up to be a lot more pun than I thought it would. Even better, the DOER compact tool shed is actually a cool product - a dozen products, actually. This portable handyman's haven comes with 10 different power tools, plus a worklight and lantern, folded down into a tidy workbench of 21" x 10" x 14". Total weight: around 10 pounds.

The DOER comes with an AC/DC converter that powers all of its benchtop tools directly from the mains power - just plug into any electrical outlet for access to:

  • A hammer drill/driver
  • A drill press
  • A jigsaw
  • A scroll saw
  • A circular saw
  • A table saw
  • A hotwire cutter
  • A table hotwire cutter
  • A table sander

In addition to the mini worklight and lantern, the DOER Basic set also comes with 9 other accessories to enhance and supplement its tools and portability. Most notably, the DOER FoldaBag is an organizational insert that lifts out of the hard outer box and opens from all sides so you can grab any tool individually, or lay flat to access all of them at once.

The DOER also comes with a Unigrip that works universally with all of its tools via the snap on / snap off method.

The DOER compact tool shed has taken Kickstarter by storm, and at printing its initial funding stage, with early bird pricing options, was wrapping up. Click here to become a DOER by November 7, 2019.

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