Dimond Knife Sharpener

Posted: October 01, 2014
Dimond Knife Sharpener
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The thing I remember most about last month is suction. Thanks to the Mighty Mug, I have never been more impressed by this simple method of sticking things to other things. No joke. After passing a couple of Mighty Mugs around the office we as dudes of average intelligence and short attention spans were collectively captivated. Dimond Knife Sharpener, you have big shoes to fill.

I compare the two because the Dimond Knife Sharpener operates off the same basic principle of making life easier by suctioning itself to a flat surface. Without electricity or batteries, without stabilizing heft or hugeness, and without hassle this small cylindrical tool says it can sharpen any shape of knife forged from any type of metal. A PowerGrip suction cup base attaches it to a smooth worktop while a long-lasting tungsten carbide blade removes microscopic amounts of knife metal to hone bottoms, and a polymer guiding top protects the knife's sides and edges from damage.

Dimond Knife Sharpeners can tackle both straight edges and serrated knives, plus scissors, pruning shears, blender blades, hedge shears, attack cat claws, and possibly my cousin Herbie's dull wit. Effort during use is minimal--one hand and 3 or 4 swipes should do the trick.

The Dimond Knife Sharpener is a top Dude Gift for the Kitchen pick.

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