BullseyeBore Laser Drill Guide

Posted: August 21, 2015

BullseyeBore or not, as someone who often has trouble even walking straight, there's close to a 0% chance I'm ever going to be able to cut, saw, or drill straight. But for the rest of you, the handy ones who only catch a power drill snag every now and then, or just find it difficult to keep your bit in alignment, BullseyeBore says it will completely eliminate the problem of drills boring awry with its laser guide attachment.

BullseyeBore compares itself to a head-up display for your drill. The triplet of visual patterns it projects onto a work surface provide continual feedback about alignment, telling you when your drill is properly perpendicular to the surface, and when it falls off center. The target laser functions in any orientation, whether horizontal or vertical, underneath or overhead, so you'll always drill straight into walls, floors, and ceilings as well.

The laser attachment appends to any drill, either as an add-on or a chuck replacement. Once you start drilling, in addition to shifting if you get off track the projections will also give visual cues on drill bit depth. BullseyeBore's 3 projected patterns consist of a single dynamic position pattern (outermost ring), and two fixed circular measurement patterns. The former changes shape dramatically when the drill is misaligned with the work surface, while the two latter maintain consistent and evenly spaced concentric circles regardless of alignment. Your drill is in perfect alignment when all 3 patterns form an equidistant set of concentric circles.

At printing BullseyeBore was seeking investment and wholesale partners. They are also asking individuals interested in purchasing the item to contact them through their online form to provide input and feedback as they perfect the guide for distribution.

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