Brass Honcho Armored Flashlight

Posted: October 06, 2016
Brass Honcho Armored Flashlight
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Reduce, reuse, recycle may not be Brass Honcho's mantra, but when you buy one of their flashlights made from a real machine gun bullet you can still feel good about doing your part to eliminate some of the world's waste. You can also feel good about owning one damn fine looking light stick.

Ultimate Armored Flashlight cases all had humble beginnings as .50BMG bullets in the US Military, and all have been fired out of a heavy machine gun. Some may have minor scratches and dents reflective of their past lives, but their toughness remains. Now fitted with an ultra bright LED, the flashlights are shockproof and flame resistant. Turn them on and off by twisting the projectile tip. You can also pull the tip forward / back to concentrate the beam of light.

Ultimate Armored Flashlights are all handmade in the US. Brass Honcho also uses reclaimed bullets to make pens, flash drives, bottle openers, cabinet / drawer pulls, and household decor.

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